Fresh cut pasta

  • Itrio Cannelloni made with a creamy oven roasted pumpkin filling.

    Pumpkin Cannelloni

  • Itrio lasagna sheets can be used as intended for lasagna or if your feeling creative.

    Lasagna Sheets

  • Carefully hand-cut for the ultimate quality and taste, perfect for rich, meaty sauces.


  • A perfect combination with rich and chunky meat sauces.


  • This stunning Italian pasta resembles conch shells. It is often served with tomato or meat-based sauces.

    Pipe Rigate

  • Ribbons of flat silky noodles made from fresh wholesome eggs.


  • A delicious classic with thin and silky strands. Well suited to light sauces such as tomato or garlic.


  • This thin and narrow pasta will be well matched with olive oil based sauces.


  • Our Casarecce is short in length, and possesses a delicious texture unique to this variety.


About us

Since the early 1960’s the Postregna family has been in business founding Tamarix Poultry Farm.

Tamarix is famous for producing eggs with their signature golden yolk, which are supplied all around Victoria to many top restaurants, cafes and retailers.

With amazing eggs and an Italian heritage, they desired to develop the perfect range of fresh artisanal pastas. With the famous Tamarix eggs, water and high quality semolina flour we ensure that only the best ingredients are used to produce the highest quality pasta.

Pasta has been around for centuries where its origins can be found in Arabia where it was originally called Itriyah. From there it evolved to the Mediterranean where it was known as Itria.

We bring in our own take on the century old favourite and would like to introduce you to Itrio Fresh Egg Pasta.

Through love and passion some of Melbourne’s finest pasta was created. With both fresh and filled options, our pasta is the perfect addition to any sauce or recipe. Replace traditional dry pasta with Itrios for that fresh authentic Italian taste.

Come try for yourself and experience Itrio.


  • Beef & Mushroom

  • Spinach & Ricotta

  • Caramalised Onion & Goats Cheese

Ready made meals

  • Layers of melted cheese and traditional heartily meat sauce in between sheets of silky smooth pasta sheets.

    Ready Made Lasagna


[ih-tree-oh] noun

Pasta, passionately crafted.

Made using only the finest ingredients available, Itrio egg pasta is 100% Australian made and owned. We epitomise a new selection of delicious pasta products, made for loving meals at home.

Itrio pasta is made from only the freshest ingredients and the finest of recipes, delivered directly to your kitchen from ours. We promise that our incredible selection of pastas will become an Italian staple in your fridge.

Try our pasta, eggs & produce at White & Yolk!

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